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About Me

     Tango has been an important companion to me all of my life. To teach Social Tango has been a dream come true. My early memories of dancing tango in Argentina are of young "tangueros" meeting
to practice new steps to be able to show at "milonga".  Milonga is a term for an event where tango is
danced. The creation of new steps is a way to create you own style, a much needed quality to be a tango dancer.

     The great experiences in my beloved Argentina, dancing with famous orchestras such as Miguel Calo, Carlos Disarli, Juan D'Arienzo, Osvaldo Pugliese, and Alfredo Gobbi have enriched my life.  In order to dance a great tango, you do not need to do acrobatics.  All you need is to have an elegant posture, a great embrace; and  most importantly  is  listen the  music while dancing with feeling and passion.

     It is highly satisfying to teach my students  the techniques that I have learned during my professional career. I would like to share my experience with all those who have interest in dancing this beautiful dance:  The Argentinian Tango. I invite all who love Tango, and really want to learn the Argentinian Tango of the Golden Years, to come to my class.

Respectfully yours,

Jorge Aguirre   
[email protected]
301 - 538 93 25

La bordona
Osvaldo Pugliese (No me hablen de ella)

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